Hello and Welcome!

My name is Collin Rhoten!

I’m a Front End Web Developer focused on building Functional & Creative things for the web with a positive user experience.


Developer Skills

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript & ES6
  • React & JSX
  • API's
  • Responsive Typography
  • Web Hosting
  • Version Control
  • Media Queries
  • Flexbox

Tech Tools

  • Git & GitHub
  • Text Editors
  • Code Sandbox
  • Chrome DevTools
  • Photoshop


Super Sticky Notes App Project

Super Sticky Notes

Super handy Sticky note app built with JavaScript React that allows you to Create, Edit and Delete as many notes as you need! Use the searchbar to read through notes and create a list. The app uses JavaScript React lifecycle methods to make sure notes and changes are saved when the user returns.

Skills: JavaScript, React

Tools: REST API, GitHub Pages, Chrome DevTools

Live Page
Unplugged Website Project


A multipage website built from a design comparison, for a tech industry retreat that uses mobile responsive design. The site features a Google Map integration and responsive elements to create a clean, informative site functional on all mobile, tablet and computer devices.

Skills: HTML, CSS, Flexbox

Tools: Chrome DevTools, GitHub Pages

Live Page
Guess the Word Game

Guess the Word Game

A fun and interactive game built with JavaScript and a JSON file. Try to guess the word before your guesses run out. Win or lose, play as many times as you like!

Skills: JavaScript

Tools: GitHub pages, JSON

Live Page
GitHub Repository Gallery

GitHub Repo Gallery

Gallery of my personal GitHub repositories with functionality to go between GitHub profile and main gallery. Automatically adds any new repos on my profile using rest API’s and JavaScript.

Skills: CSS, JavaScript, React

Tools: REST API's, GitHub Pages

Live Page
Collin Rhoten headshot image

Hi! I’m Collin Rhoten.

I’m a Front End Web Developer based in Carrollton, TX with a passion for creating clean, beautiful things online that work!

Growing up as a millennial and the youngest kid in the family, I was always the go-to person for any new tech that couldn’t be figured out or needed troubleshooting. I always loved playing around with devices and computers to see how they work and all of the different things that they were capable of.

After graduating college and moving from Wisconsin to Texas during the pandemic, I spent a lot more time finding new things online. And finally, I began pursuing a career path in web development and it has become something I love to dive into. The “Web Dev” World never stops evolving and therefore, I never have to stop learning! With every project completed, I learn new skills and get introduced to more tools & tricks that constantly sharpen my coding abilities.

When I’m not locked-in in front of my computer, you’ll probably find me in the gym working on my jumper or sunken in the couch playing video games and hanging out with my dogs!

Feel free to reach out, I can’t wait to get to work!